What is Designer Fabrics? How does it add value to your latest collection?

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Designer Fabrics are ones that add life to your creations…. Well the word designer fabric itself is quite fascinating to add value to a fabric. A fashion world is all about new designs, creativity, and innovation.

Designs embedded on plain fabrics are meant not just to enhance the beauty of it but also add uniqueness to it, though the fabric’s property always comes first.

Basically, a piece of designer fabric is the one that exhibits uniqueness from other fabric, that can be in terms of its texture, appearance or designs. Talking about designs, it has its own importance in designer fabrics. Unique designs, it can be intricate designs on the fabric, block prints, light embroidery to heavy embroideries, all the forms when imprinted on a plain fabric make the fabric designer.

Fabrics have been the core part of designing. Whether a painter wants to portray his creativity on canvas or a designer wants to decorate his collection with unique designs and patterns.

The most common and loved types of designer fabrics are printed fabric and embroidered fabric.

Printed fabrics means, printing the fabric by hand i.e., block print or machine print i.e., digital print. Hand-printed fabrics are also known as handloom fabrics. The old yet golden heritage of India. Techniques like tie-dye and block printing are to engraft a variety of prints like bagh, kalamkari, bandhani, ajrat, ikat, gold and silver dust, leheriya, batik etc using natural colors. Kalamkari prints are famous for its storytelling designs.

Traditionally, natural cotton or linen fabrics were used for hand printing, but with development and demand, various other fabrics are also used to print handloom designs.

Digital or machine-driven patterns embedded on fabrics are not just beautiful, but the designs are also precise. From floral to geometric or abstract prints, they are embedded well on a variety of fabrics giving it a designer touch.

Next is embroidery fabrics..Embroidery is all about thread and needle work crafted on fabric. Embroidered fabrics have a unique delicate appearance.

Primarily, the embroidery was crafted on fabric by hand using thread and needle piercing the fabric in the middle passing through it forming a delicate pattern giving a unique appearance to the fabric. But, with development in the fabric sector embroideries are now crafted on fabric using machines.

Designs embedded are precise and the time taken is very less compared to the embroideries that are crafted by hand. From cotton, silk fabric to net fabric, embroideries are used to enhance the look.

Embroidered net fabrics have been quite famous among fashion designers around the world. Light fabric to heavy embroidered net fabrics are widely used to add a designer look to the collection. Sarees to bridal wears, net fabrics have been the first choice for the majority of people from celebrities to the common man.

In designing world, apart from cotton, silk and net fabrics, lightweight free-flowy fabrics like georgette and crepe fabrics are quite in demand. Both georgette and crepe fabric because of their distinctive texture and varied properties have found a valuable place in the designer collection.

Both georgette and crepe fabrics exhibit sheer texture made initially from natural fibers like silk but with modernization or cost-effectiveness, they are woven using synthetic fibers like nylon or polyester.

Georgette fabrics because of their unique wrap and wefts its quite delicate. But has been quite in demand because of its light-weight and breathable texture.

From delicate or heavy embroidery embedded to digital prints like foil to floral print georgette fabrics are available to glam-up a designer collection. Georgette fabric price ranges from very low to high in the market.

Crepe, means a thin layer with wrinkled surface. Exactly by its meaning crepe fabrics are light-weight thin fabric with wrinkles exhibiting an extremely comfortable shiny texture to the fabric. Printed crepe fabrics have been quite in trend lately and is loved by designers around the world. These fabrics because of their comfort and sophisticated look are commonly used to design daily wear to evening wear wardrobe collections.

All of these fabrics with beautiful designs embedded on it makes them designer fabrics.

Well, these designer fabrics are not just limited to add glamor to your wardrobe collection, they are also quite well versed with adding vibrance and creativity to your interior and home decor.

A beautiful piece of wall hanging, table wears or crafts made from sequin fabric or printed cotton fabric, or curtains made up of delicate net or linen fabric will add not just designer or sophisticated look to your decor but also life, vibrance to it.

It is said your home decor describes your personality, so why not exhibit your inner-self with the designer range of fabrics available. From decorative pieces to upholsteries of your home, let them describe you.

Finding designer fabrics has been quite a luxurious task previously, but with change and development, it has become quite an easy task. Online fabric stores like Tirumaladesigner.in, fabriclore, fabcurate, etc; have become quite a convenient and favorite hub to find a wide range of designer fabric online at all price range.

From gorgeous range of printed crepe fabric, delicate embroidered net fabrics, comfortable cotton fabric, vibrant linen fabric, designer georgette fabrics, etc are available online to fulfill all your requirements.

Let fabrics define your personality!!!