Are Linen Fabrics “Natural”? What Make These Linen Fabrics Best For Summer?

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Yes!!!! Linen fabrics are purely natural. And the natural fibers of these fabrics make them the coolest choice for summer.

‘Summer’!!! The hottest time of the year is here and definitely, you might be searching for the cooler fabric option both for your wardrobe and for your home décor. And the question that might be coming to your mind would be opting between Cotton and Linen fabric.

Well, this article might help you choose the best one.

At first, both eco-friendly fabrics Cotton and Linen are obtained from natural sources, are breathable, absorbable, and durable; but the difference lies in their capacity.


Talking about the most important characteristic required for fabric to be a favorable choice for summer is its breathability and wicking ability. Linen Fabric dominates other fabrics, including cotton, with its elite breathable properties. Wide and long fibers of linen allow the air to pass through the fabric swiftly giving the wearer a cooling effect.

Linen when compared with cotton, both fabrics have good breathability with wicking abilities, but linen over-powers cotton… How??

The answer is due to the presence of wide holes in the woven pattern of linen fabric.

Though both the fabrics are obtained from natural sources i.e., cotton fibers from the cotton plant and linen from the flax plant, but Linen fibers are longer. The fibers of linen are large, wide, and hollow which makes it comparatively more breathable than cotton. Linen fabrics are loosely woven which lets the clothing made from it feel flowy and relaxed.


Both cotton and linen fabrics compete well in their absorbing ability, but quick-wicking property of linen also adds value to the breathability of linen fabrics.

Though cotton’s absorbing capacity is 25%, while linen fiber capacity is 20% still due to its woven texture its wicking capacity is more compared to cotton. This means, even though cotton fibers absorb more sweat but due to their woven texture, it tends to become heavy, while linen with its wicking property dries up the sweat before it gets wet and heavy.

Thus, with a hot and humid climate especially in summers like India, linen fabric goes well. Wearers stay more comfortable with the non-sticky,
free-flowing, and cooling effect imparted by linen fibers. The loosely woven fibers let the fabric wearer’s skin feel the breeze. The quick-drying property is an add-on advantage for people who sweat a lot.


The next important property of these fabrics is their durability. Both cotton and linen are quite durable, but linen is a bit more compared to cotton.


The answer remains in their origin. Cotton fabrics are made from soft staple fibers derived from cotton seeds, whereas linen fabrics are made from fibers derived from flax plant, which is one of the strongest natural fibers. They are woven loosely which gives the fabric more strength and durability.

Add-on Properties:

Apart from major features of Linen fabric that make it a favorable option for summer, there are some other add-on features also that add value.

Linen fabrics are hypo-allergic. As they trap less amount of dirt or dust in their loose weaves that can cause allergy. Thus, if you are prone to any allergic reactions during summer and humid conditions linen is the best option for your need.

Linen Fabric gets better with every wash. There is nothing better than a fabric that refreshes with every wash. Initially, linen fabric is comparatively coarse and crisp, but with repeated washing and use, the fabric becomes lighter and soft, basically enhances with time.

For a fabric to be the best choice for summer it should also encase the property of heat- conductivity. Heat-conductivity is nothing but the ability of a fabric to release heat from the body. Letting a body release its heat in the environment will ultimately enhance cooling. A piece of linen fabric with its weave and its crazy heat-conducting property exhibits a unique self-cooling medium.

The thermal-conductivity property of these linen fabrics is also commendable. It is said that thermal-conductivity of linen is five times more than wool fabric. This makes good for winter as well.

Linen Fabrics apart from doing an excellent job of cooling, the look of this fabric is best suited for casual events, professional daily wear, and other relaxed environments.

A wide range of beautifully crafted linen fabrics online are available in variant color and textures. With improvisation and innovation in the fashion sector, new versions of linen fabrics are made. Linen fibers are blended with exotic silk fibers forming a designer range of linen fabric i.e., linen silk fabrics.

Linen silk fabrics exhibit a unique texture along with combined properties of both linen and silk fibers. With distinctive properties of linen along with the glamorous touch, silk makes this fabric the best choice for the summer collection.

Bed linens, curtains to designer upholsteries, linen silk fabric along with the properties of being durable and breathable it adds glamour and vibrance to your home décor.

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