Printed or Embroidered Fabric? Find the best fabrics from online fabric stores for your 2021 collection

Printed Embroidered fabric at Tirumala

printed embroidered fabric

Embroidered fabric or the Printed one.? Well, both of them are equally attractive, but the choice depends on what your requirement is.

If you are trying to find the best option for customizing your fabric with your unique design and are confused between the two options i.e., Print or embroidery, then this article will help you in choosing the perfect one.

Choosing the right one involves consideration of various factors, like colors, design or pattern, fabrics, budget, etc.

Let’s first understand how these embroideries and printed fabric differ.

What is Embroidery?

Embroidered fabric at TirumalaEmbroidery, a beautiful thread, and needle-work are crafted on the fabric giving an elegant look. The needle is pierced through the woven fibers of the fabric and with the use of threads unique patterns or designs are crafted on the fabric.

Embroidered fabrics were traditionally prepared by hand. These hand-made embroidered fabrics had few drawbacks like it takes a lot of manual effort, is time-consuming, expensive and the work done are not very precise, hence with modernization machine embroidery came into existence.

Though the machine work is quite precise and perfect, but the imperfection of hand-work embroidered fabrics exhibits its own unique aura and is quite in demand around the world.

The fabrics used for embroidering are usually thick or should consist of strong fibers to withstand the weight of embroidery. Though, there is an exception like lucknowi fabrics. Embroideries are embossed on the light-colored thin fabric with high perfection.

Next is,

What is Printed Fabrics?

Printed fabric at tirumala designerPrinting of fabrics is an old heritage of Indian culture. Traditionally, various techniques like tie-dye print or block printing were used to decorate fabrics.

These printed fabrics are part of Indian handloom fabrics and are widely accepted around the world.

Printing of fabrics is also known as screen printing because the process involves the use of mesh screen.

Customized stencils according to your designs are made on which colored inks are pressed through the screen.

With modernization, digital printing evolved, helping in creating more accurate designs and precise printing of fabrics.

From floral, block or any unique designer prints can easily be embossed on fabrics with digital printing.

Printing can be done on any thin to thick fabric easily, but the surface is required to be smooth for clear print.

Printed or Embroidered Fabric?

Talking about the factors that can help you choose between embroidered fabric and printed fabrics are:

Embroideries are made from threads. Though, there are many variations of colors available but are limited.  While with the printing of fabrics, this limitation does not exist.
From common colors to rare shades all are available for you to match your desired shade.

Printing can be done on any type of fabric, preferably having a smooth surface. While for embroideries, you will need a fabric with good strength and sustainability, so that it can withstand embroidery.

Printing has the add-on advantage of easily encasing intricate designs on fabrics. But, with modernization embroidered fabrics are not just limited to simple designs. Intricate designs can be embedded on the fabrics as per your need.

Embroidered fabrics are expensive. Though with development and use of the machine has reduced the manual efforts still the designing complexities remain same. While printing is a budget-friendly option as it can encase simple to complex design with ease on the fabric without going out of budget.

Overall, both printed and embroidered fabrics have their own share of advantages over one another.

Along with printed and embroidered fabrics, you also have a unique option i.e., Printed-embroidered fabrics. A perfect combination that will definitely help you match your requirement.

Printed embroidered fabricThus, if you are looking for getting your fabric customized with your favorite design you need to first set your budget,
then the type of fabric you want to use followed by the complexity of your design to be embedded.


Incase you do not want customized fabric and are looking for some trendy designs and fabrics in the market, you can definitely explore a wide variety of ready-made designer fabrics.

Designer Fabrics Online

Finding the perfect fabric match for your requirement in the market can be a tedious challenge. Digital Online platform brings you the best and varied range of fabrics, from designer to formal fabric curated well at online fabric stores.

Whether your requirement is for bulk orders or for cut-piece, multiple online fabric stores are offering you the best fabric at wholesale to retail prices.

While surfing through the various online fabric stores and their collection, I found some of the best online fabric stores offering a wide range of fabrics at the best prices for both bulk and small orders.

Also, while searching for the perfect designer fabric, I explored some unique range of embroidered fabric materials online at Tirumala designer online fabric store.

The store has curated a wide range of printed and embroidered fabric online.

Tirumala designer collection encases embroideries embossed on various types of fabric eg. embroidered net fabric, embroidered organza fabric, embroidered velvet fabric, embroidered cotton fabric, etc.

Also, if you are searching for some printed fabrics online, the store has a wide range of printed cotton fabric, printed georgette fabric, etc. From floral print to foil and sequin print fabrics are available.

Tirumala designer collection also has a beautiful range of printed embroidery fabric at its online store.

There are other fabric stores also available online to help you find the perfect match for your requirement.

While printed fabrics are adding unique colors and complex designs to your collection, embroidered fabric exhibits its own aura with its intricate design and thread work.

Whether you are designing your wardrobe collection or upgrading your interior decor/ upholsteries, the unique look of both fabrics will add vibrance and uniqueness to the collection.

Printed Embroidered fabric at Tirumala