Celebrity Video Message: A Trendy Way to Make Your Loved One’s Day Special

Celebrity Video Message at LWM

Celebrity Video MessageIf you are thinking of surprising your friends or loved ones on their special day or trying to find some innovative ideas to impress your guests with your invitation for any occasion, then the celebrity video message option can prove to be the best one to make your message special.

Well, with the New-Gen, entertainment and celebrities have become part of our life.

Celebrity and Public Emotion

From big-screen actors to TV screen actors, from YouTube to social media influencers they all are not just actors for many, they are emotions. For eg., Milind Soman, a model-cum-actor is considered to be ladies’ man, and a crush for me too. When you think about comedy, actors like Anang desai (Khichdi) or Aasif Sheikh (Bhabhi ji ghar par hain); or for emotional actors like Arjun Bijlani or Hiten Tejwani come to your mind.

You see these actors on your TV screen or mobile screen and admire them; to be precise you have an emotional bond with them. You must have got emotional when they cry on-screen in a scene, or must have got angry on villains and felt like fighting with them, or must have enjoyed the on-screen celebration as well with them.

With the onset of new era and new social media trends, there are influencers on Instagram, YouTube, etc, winning the hearts of the young generation. They are following their work, their fashion trends, and lifestyle, etc.

How to Connect With Your Favorite Celebrity?

Today, one or the other people have some on-screen celebrity whom they admire, follow, and wish to meet them someday. Not an impossible task, but also an easy one too.

You can connect with your favorite celebrity via social media platforms, Twitter handles, visit places or events where you can see them live, etc, etc… Still, the chances are rare that you connect with them directly.

Online platforms have tried to reduce the gap between you and the celebrities. You can communicate with them, though not directly, but through comments, posts, blogs.

How does the idea of making your or your loved one’s favorite celebrity make the day special with their video message sound to you?

Celebrity’s Video Message to Make Your Special One’s Day Special

Your favorite celebrity will send a video message on your behalf. Sounds amazing..Isn’t it?

You have an event or occasion that is coming up, that can be someone’s birthday, special day or you are planning to invite guests to your function and have a motive of surprising others with your message, why not let a celebrity do it for you.

Lovely wedding mall brings an innovative way of making someone’s day special with celebrity video message. Lovely wedding mall is an online platform where you can choose your favorite celebrity who will convey your message through a video message to your loved ones and surprise them.

You can choose a celebrity from the list, give your message and let lovely wedding mall do the rest of the work.

With the onset of a new era, and when the concept of digitalization is flourishing as a new normal, sending video messages is a creative way to deliver your feelings and make them feel special. And the idea of celebrity video message and celebrity e-invite by lovely wedding mall is using the same concept, but with a celebrity twist.

Write an inspirational message, a wish, a special message or an invitation message for your loved one’s and let the celebrities deliver the message to them via video message.

Celebrity Video Message