Floral to Foil Printed Georgette Fabrics for Your Festive Ethnic Collection

Printed georgette saree

Printed georgette saree…Or a Casual Georgette dress

Printed Georgette fabric dress
Georgette fabric dress

Beautiful they are…

Isn’t it?

Printed georgette fabrics is a combination of flowy, light-weight crepe material with sheer texture and the surface of it decorated with vibrant colors and designs printed on it.

Georgette fabrics with intricate designs printed on the fabrics add an elegant appearance to the outfit.

Printed georgette fabrics have been quite in demand for last few years around the world because of their unique features and glamorous look.

Traditionally, georgette fabrics were made from silk fibers which used to give strength and a shiny appearance to the fabric, but with modernization synthetic fibers are being used for weaving this fine crepe material.

The woven fibers of georgette fabrics impart strength and durability to the fabric.

Printed Georgette fabrics are basically crepe material, those imparts wrinkled yet light-weight texture. This feature makes the georgette fabrics easy to handle and can be worn without the fear of being perfect.

Printed georgette fabric for Indian ethnic wear

Georgette dress for festive season
Printed georgette fabrics have been part of Indian ethnic wear since eras.

The free-flowy, body-loving fabric is light and imparts a gorgeous touch to the outfit.

Georgette fabrics drape well around the body, hence favored by designers to design sarees for every occasion. Let the occasion be of some wedding, festive celebration or a casual evening party georgette saree has its own effect.

Adding to it is the elegant designs and a pattern printed on the fabric make it a much more perfect option for any occasion. A soothing floral print on the fabric adds freshness to the appearance, whereas a foil print design adds spark to the fabric.

Printed georgette fabric can also be clubbed with delicate thread work or sequin embroideries to add variation.

Ethnic Indian Wear is not just limited to sarees, but also has skirts and kurta sets.

Talking about kurta sets, how about using printed fabrics with vibrant color or floral or foil design fabrics for kurta- pajama or an anarkali with elegant embroidered georgette fabric; or simple kurta set with heavy printed embroidered fabric dupatta. Well, both the options sound perfect for both occasional and everyday wear.

Similarly, an ethnic bandhani print georgette skirt clubbed with a designer blouse or casual floral print georgette skirt with a crop top or tee-shirt can be opted as an option.

Printed Georgette Fabrics for Wedding Collection

Printed georgette fabrics have gained considerate acceptance by designers to include them in their wedding collections.

With the onset of the Indo-western bridal wear trend, designers love printed georgette fabrics with embroideries or lace. Floral to foil print fabrics are adding vibrance and nattiness to the collection.

Elegant Indo-western Lehenga or Chaniya choli for bridal wear to sider’s wear, printed-embroidered georgette fabrics are available to glam up your evening with a twist.

Georgette Fabrics for Casual Wear:

Properties like being lightweight and easy to maintain, make printed georgette fabrics a perfect one for designing a daily wear collection.

Georgette fabrics because of their flowy and bouncy appearance, along with the ability to dry up quickly, are being preferred mainly during the summer and rainy season.

Tops, kurtis, shrugs, skirts, short dresses to full-length gowns, multiple options are available for you to choose from and add to your casual to formal wear collection.

Find Some of the Best Designer Printed Georgette Fabrics at TirumalaDesigner online store collection for your Designs.

Sequin Georgette Fabric
Sequin Georgette Fabric
Foil Print Georgette Fabrics
Foil Print Georgette Fabrics
Imported Print Georgette Fabric
Imported Print Georgette Fabric
Bandhni Print Georgettte Fabric with Sequin
Bandhni Print Georgettte Fabric with Sequin
Floral Print Georgette Fabric
Floral Print Georgette Fabric

Refine your Ethnic Outlook with Printed Georgette Fabrics.


Celebrity Video Message: A Trendy Way to Make Your Loved One’s Day Special

Celebrity Video Message at LWM

Celebrity Video MessageIf you are thinking of surprising your friends or loved ones on their special day or trying to find some innovative ideas to impress your guests with your invitation for any occasion, then the celebrity video message option can prove to be the best one to make your message special.

Well, with the New-Gen, entertainment and celebrities have become part of our life.

Celebrity and Public Emotion

From big-screen actors to TV screen actors, from YouTube to social media influencers they all are not just actors for many, they are emotions. For eg., Milind Soman, a model-cum-actor is considered to be ladies’ man, and a crush for me too. When you think about comedy, actors like Anang desai (Khichdi) or Aasif Sheikh (Bhabhi ji ghar par hain); or for emotional actors like Arjun Bijlani or Hiten Tejwani come to your mind.

You see these actors on your TV screen or mobile screen and admire them; to be precise you have an emotional bond with them. You must have got emotional when they cry on-screen in a scene, or must have got angry on villains and felt like fighting with them, or must have enjoyed the on-screen celebration as well with them.

With the onset of new era and new social media trends, there are influencers on Instagram, YouTube, etc, winning the hearts of the young generation. They are following their work, their fashion trends, and lifestyle, etc.

How to Connect With Your Favorite Celebrity?

Today, one or the other people have some on-screen celebrity whom they admire, follow, and wish to meet them someday. Not an impossible task, but also an easy one too.

You can connect with your favorite celebrity via social media platforms, Twitter handles, visit places or events where you can see them live, etc, etc… Still, the chances are rare that you connect with them directly.

Online platforms have tried to reduce the gap between you and the celebrities. You can communicate with them, though not directly, but through comments, posts, blogs.

How does the idea of making your or your loved one’s favorite celebrity make the day special with their video message sound to you?

Celebrity’s Video Message to Make Your Special One’s Day Special

Your favorite celebrity will send a video message on your behalf. Sounds amazing..Isn’t it?

You have an event or occasion that is coming up, that can be someone’s birthday, special day or you are planning to invite guests to your function and have a motive of surprising others with your message, why not let a celebrity do it for you.

Lovely wedding mall brings an innovative way of making someone’s day special with celebrity video message. Lovely wedding mall is an online platform where you can choose your favorite celebrity who will convey your message through a video message to your loved ones and surprise them.

You can choose a celebrity from the list, give your message and let lovely wedding mall do the rest of the work.

With the onset of a new era, and when the concept of digitalization is flourishing as a new normal, sending video messages is a creative way to deliver your feelings and make them feel special. And the idea of celebrity video message and celebrity e-invite by lovely wedding mall is using the same concept, but with a celebrity twist.

Write an inspirational message, a wish, a special message or an invitation message for your loved one’s and let the celebrities deliver the message to them via video message.

Celebrity Video Message

Buy Designer Fabrics From the Best Online Fabric Stores in 2021

Designer fabrics online

Fashion world is all about innovation, creation, and development. And along with various changes, finding the perfect fabrics from the online fabric stores in 2021 is the new normal trend among fashion designers worldwide.

Traveling around the market places or being regularly in contact with the latest fabric seller ….Bhaiya koi naya material aya hai kya?

Basically, the traditional way of finding the best fabric has its own charm, but if you are trying to find designer fabrics or new fabric material in the market without spending hours of time, an online fabric store is nothing but the best solution for all your needs.

Talking about the benefits of online fabric stores..from the advantage of time-saving and convenience to finding the perfect fabric for your design, the list can be never-ending.

The online fabric store curates a wide range of fabrics, from the latest fabric material to beautifully crafted designer fabric at wholesale to an exclusive price range on one platform.

A yard of fabric, whether a normal fabric or some innovative designer fabric, is just enough to ignite the creative ideas of the designer in you.

From designing a home décor element like curtains, lampshades, cushion covers to adding glamour to your wardrobe collection fabrics with different textile play their part well..

If you have any project related to fabric or you desire to add life to the creative ideas in your mind, and want to explore the latest range of fabric materials available, an online fabric store can be a great idea.

Below are some of the best online fabric stores where you can find an exclusive range of fabrics to match your needs.

Tirumala Designers:

A perfect designer fabric hub for the designer in you. Tirumala curates a wide range of fabrics and uniquely crafted imprints and designs, which makes it stand-out among other online shopping platforms. The printed fabric range consists of prints embossed using water-based dies, which makes it eco-friendly.

Whether you are searching for a lightweight material like chiffon or crepe fabric or fabric to add color and freshness to home décor or for DIY ideas, Tirumala encases tons of colors, patterns, and material in its store collection. The best part of shopping fabric online at Tirumala is that you can find material in every price range and can get it delivered to your doorstep anywhere across the world.


A perfect destination for bulk fabric buyers at a wholesale price. Fabriclore works on reviving India’s rich textile, replenishing the traditional designs with a modern touch. Fabricolore carries a wide range of fabrics for home décor, accessories, apparel (ethnic to modern), utility, and fabrics with different characters.

Online fabric shop enables you to shop for material based on different characters, colors, and designs. Whether you want to design lampshades, tablecloth, or indoor-outdoor upholsteries, you get an option of including cotton, linen, velvet, and other high-performance fabric to match your needs.


An online fabric shop that lets you curate your own fabric. Yes, at Fabcurate you not only get to explore the wide range of fabric materials but it also encases a pool of traditional to modern designs imprinted on the fabric to add colors to creation. From traditional, kalamkari prints to modern marble, floral, kids and figure design; you can find them all and get it embossed on your favorite fabric material. You also get an option of uploading your own creative pattern or designs that are embossed on your choice of fabric giving you a complete customized fabric material.

Fabcurate also embraces a beautiful boutique collection to unstitched collection of fabrics that are best for designing occasional wear to daily wears. Shop the best piece to upgrade your wardrobe collection.


If you are searching to buy fabric by the yard online with an Indian touch, Shopolics can be the best platform to land on. From banarasi brocade silk to chanderi silk, from light-weight organza to leheriya fabric, you can find them all at one place.

The specialty of the shopolics online fabric shop is it also provides an option of buying cut piece fabric. So if you are planning to design something and do not wish to buy fabric by the yard, you can opt to buy your favorite fabric cut piece available.

Saroj Fabrics:

The Indian-based supplier is well known for its high-quality designer fabrics, both online and at stores. It exhibits a wide array of apparel fabric, along with home décor and crafting material. Fabrics materials include simple cotton, linen, polyester to heavy fabrics for the wedding collection. You can count on the durability of the fabric material along with the pattern and colors embedded.

If the available range makes you over-whelmed, you can filter your search by patterns, prints, fabric material, embroidery patterns or you can explore new arrivals for a fresh collection.

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Printed or Embroidered Fabric? Find the best fabrics from online fabric stores for your 2021 collection

Printed Embroidered fabric at Tirumala

printed embroidered fabric

Embroidered fabric or the Printed one.? Well, both of them are equally attractive, but the choice depends on what your requirement is.

If you are trying to find the best option for customizing your fabric with your unique design and are confused between the two options i.e., Print or embroidery, then this article will help you in choosing the perfect one.

Choosing the right one involves consideration of various factors, like colors, design or pattern, fabrics, budget, etc.

Let’s first understand how these embroideries and printed fabric differ.

What is Embroidery?

Embroidered fabric at TirumalaEmbroidery, a beautiful thread, and needle-work are crafted on the fabric giving an elegant look. The needle is pierced through the woven fibers of the fabric and with the use of threads unique patterns or designs are crafted on the fabric.

Embroidered fabrics were traditionally prepared by hand. These hand-made embroidered fabrics had few drawbacks like it takes a lot of manual effort, is time-consuming, expensive and the work done are not very precise, hence with modernization machine embroidery came into existence.

Though the machine work is quite precise and perfect, but the imperfection of hand-work embroidered fabrics exhibits its own unique aura and is quite in demand around the world.

The fabrics used for embroidering are usually thick or should consist of strong fibers to withstand the weight of embroidery. Though, there is an exception like lucknowi fabrics. Embroideries are embossed on the light-colored thin fabric with high perfection.

Next is,

What is Printed Fabrics?

Printed fabric at tirumala designerPrinting of fabrics is an old heritage of Indian culture. Traditionally, various techniques like tie-dye print or block printing were used to decorate fabrics.

These printed fabrics are part of Indian handloom fabrics and are widely accepted around the world.

Printing of fabrics is also known as screen printing because the process involves the use of mesh screen.

Customized stencils according to your designs are made on which colored inks are pressed through the screen.

With modernization, digital printing evolved, helping in creating more accurate designs and precise printing of fabrics.

From floral, block or any unique designer prints can easily be embossed on fabrics with digital printing.

Printing can be done on any thin to thick fabric easily, but the surface is required to be smooth for clear print.

Printed or Embroidered Fabric?

Talking about the factors that can help you choose between embroidered fabric and printed fabrics are:

Embroideries are made from threads. Though, there are many variations of colors available but are limited.  While with the printing of fabrics, this limitation does not exist.
From common colors to rare shades all are available for you to match your desired shade.

Printing can be done on any type of fabric, preferably having a smooth surface. While for embroideries, you will need a fabric with good strength and sustainability, so that it can withstand embroidery.

Printing has the add-on advantage of easily encasing intricate designs on fabrics. But, with modernization embroidered fabrics are not just limited to simple designs. Intricate designs can be embedded on the fabrics as per your need.

Embroidered fabrics are expensive. Though with development and use of the machine has reduced the manual efforts still the designing complexities remain same. While printing is a budget-friendly option as it can encase simple to complex design with ease on the fabric without going out of budget.

Overall, both printed and embroidered fabrics have their own share of advantages over one another.

Along with printed and embroidered fabrics, you also have a unique option i.e., Printed-embroidered fabrics. A perfect combination that will definitely help you match your requirement.

Printed embroidered fabricThus, if you are looking for getting your fabric customized with your favorite design you need to first set your budget,
then the type of fabric you want to use followed by the complexity of your design to be embedded.


Incase you do not want customized fabric and are looking for some trendy designs and fabrics in the market, you can definitely explore a wide variety of ready-made designer fabrics.

Designer Fabrics Online

Finding the perfect fabric match for your requirement in the market can be a tedious challenge. Digital Online platform brings you the best and varied range of fabrics, from designer to formal fabric curated well at online fabric stores.

Whether your requirement is for bulk orders or for cut-piece, multiple online fabric stores are offering you the best fabric at wholesale to retail prices.

While surfing through the various online fabric stores and their collection, I found some of the best online fabric stores offering a wide range of fabrics at the best prices for both bulk and small orders.

Also, while searching for the perfect designer fabric, I explored some unique range of embroidered fabric materials online at Tirumala designer online fabric store.

The store has curated a wide range of printed and embroidered fabric online.

Tirumala designer collection encases embroideries embossed on various types of fabric eg. embroidered net fabric, embroidered organza fabric, embroidered velvet fabric, embroidered cotton fabric, etc.

Also, if you are searching for some printed fabrics online, the store has a wide range of printed cotton fabric, printed georgette fabric, etc. From floral print to foil and sequin print fabrics are available.

Tirumala designer collection also has a beautiful range of printed embroidery fabric at its online store.

There are other fabric stores also available online to help you find the perfect match for your requirement.

While printed fabrics are adding unique colors and complex designs to your collection, embroidered fabric exhibits its own aura with its intricate design and thread work.

Whether you are designing your wardrobe collection or upgrading your interior decor/ upholsteries, the unique look of both fabrics will add vibrance and uniqueness to the collection.

Printed Embroidered fabric at Tirumala

Find the best electronic shops in Mumbai offering best deals in 2021

Electronic devices are items that used to be considered luxurious devices meant to make life easier, but have now become the requirement of everyday human needs. Devices like Television, Air cooler, washing machines, etc to electronic home appliances like mixture, water purifier, etc have taken an essential part in day-to-day life.

The requirement for electronics have so much proliferated that multiple stores across the world, especially in major cities are open to sell  it to the consumers. Actually with multiple brand chains and outlet there is raise of competition to also be the favorite spot of people to buy electronics and other needs. And this competition brings out the best deals and offers for consumers.

Mumbai is also one of the major cities where electronic stores are quite in demand. Multiple brand chain outlets and shops are available to help mumbaikars deal with their busy life.

While exploring the best shops offering good deals on electronic products for my home, I found some of the best electronic shops in Mumbai.

SonyMony Electronics ltd.

SonyMony best electronic shop in mumbaiStarting with the first electronic shop where the deals offered mesmerized me the most, SonyMony.

SonyMony encases a wide and latest range of electronics, home appliances, sound systems, etc. The shop has presence in both online and offline i.e, physical store. You can explore the latest products in the market and the options that perfectly matches your requirement.

SonyMony also offers the best deals in the market on all the products ie., from electronics to home appliances.

Televisions, fridge, washing machine etc are of various latest brands and versions are available for you to choose. Talking, about home and kitchen appliances, like Air conditioner, vacuum cleaner, dishwasher, microwave, water purifier etc are available to top brands with good guarantee and warranty add-ons.

If you are searching for shops offering gaming console at the best price, your search is definitely going to end at the sonymony electronic shop.

SonyMony electronic shop in Mumbai are open in Andheri west, Borivali west and Vile parel. You can also explore and buy from the electronic collection through the sonymony online store.

Next is,

Vijay Sales

Vijay sales, is one of the oldest and most trusted chain of electronic stores in Mumbai started in 1967 .

From latest models of electronics, home appliances to sound systems and mobiles, all are available to make your life easier. The chain is located at multiple places across Mumbai. Great deals and good services are offered to you.

Open in Mahim, Goregaon, Bhandup, Thane, Domibivli, Ghatkopar, Chembur, Sion, Prabhadevi, Santacruz, Andheri, Mira Road, Borivali, Khar

Reliance Digital

Not much a old one, but is established quite well in the market with its presence across pan India.

Reliance also has multiple outlets around Mumbai offering competitive price and deals to mesmerize consumers.

Latest electronic devices for entertainment or for day-to-day activities like washing machines, water purifiers, vacuum cleaners, dishwashers, etc are available to help you choose from the best updated range. Mobile for top to low range along the mobile and network accessories are available to make your search easier.

Outlets are open in Dombivli, Mulund, Ghatkopar, Kurla, Thane, Chembur, Mira Road, Dadar, Lower Parel, Fort, Grant Road, and more.


Home town, one of the best shops to find the latest and best range of home appliances, and kitchen appliances.

It also encases an exclusive range of electronic devices at a bit expensive price but good services.

You can also find decorative home items and cookware to enhance your kitchen look.

Hometown is available both online and offline stores in Mumbai.

Kohinoor Televideo

Kohinoor deals with not just the latest range of electronics and home appliances, but also in mobile, mobile accessories, CCTV cameras, digital cameras, DTH TV broadcast services and more. Whether your requirement is limited to home or you are searching for commercial purpose, kohinoor serves you with the best service.

They also have a wonderful range of High range good sound systems in their collection.

The outlets of Kohinoor electronics are limited to Navi Mumbai, Thane, Borivali and Chembur area.


Are Linen Fabrics “Natural”? What Make These Linen Fabrics Best For Summer?

Linen Silk Fabrics at Tirumaladesigniers.in
Source: Tirumaladesigniers.in

Yes!!!! Linen fabrics are purely natural. And the natural fibers of these fabrics make them the coolest choice for summer.

‘Summer’!!! The hottest time of the year is here and definitely, you might be searching for the cooler fabric option both for your wardrobe and for your home décor. And the question that might be coming to your mind would be opting between Cotton and Linen fabric.

Well, this article might help you choose the best one.

At first, both eco-friendly fabrics Cotton and Linen are obtained from natural sources, are breathable, absorbable, and durable; but the difference lies in their capacity.


Talking about the most important characteristic required for fabric to be a favorable choice for summer is its breathability and wicking ability. Linen Fabric dominates other fabrics, including cotton, with its elite breathable properties. Wide and long fibers of linen allow the air to pass through the fabric swiftly giving the wearer a cooling effect.

Linen when compared with cotton, both fabrics have good breathability with wicking abilities, but linen over-powers cotton… How??

The answer is due to the presence of wide holes in the woven pattern of linen fabric.

Though both the fabrics are obtained from natural sources i.e., cotton fibers from the cotton plant and linen from the flax plant, but Linen fibers are longer. The fibers of linen are large, wide, and hollow which makes it comparatively more breathable than cotton. Linen fabrics are loosely woven which lets the clothing made from it feel flowy and relaxed.


Both cotton and linen fabrics compete well in their absorbing ability, but quick-wicking property of linen also adds value to the breathability of linen fabrics.

Though cotton’s absorbing capacity is 25%, while linen fiber capacity is 20% still due to its woven texture its wicking capacity is more compared to cotton. This means, even though cotton fibers absorb more sweat but due to their woven texture, it tends to become heavy, while linen with its wicking property dries up the sweat before it gets wet and heavy.

Thus, with a hot and humid climate especially in summers like India, linen fabric goes well. Wearers stay more comfortable with the non-sticky,
free-flowing, and cooling effect imparted by linen fibers. The loosely woven fibers let the fabric wearer’s skin feel the breeze. The quick-drying property is an add-on advantage for people who sweat a lot.


The next important property of these fabrics is their durability. Both cotton and linen are quite durable, but linen is a bit more compared to cotton.


The answer remains in their origin. Cotton fabrics are made from soft staple fibers derived from cotton seeds, whereas linen fabrics are made from fibers derived from flax plant, which is one of the strongest natural fibers. They are woven loosely which gives the fabric more strength and durability.

Add-on Properties:

Apart from major features of Linen fabric that make it a favorable option for summer, there are some other add-on features also that add value.

Linen fabrics are hypo-allergic. As they trap less amount of dirt or dust in their loose weaves that can cause allergy. Thus, if you are prone to any allergic reactions during summer and humid conditions linen is the best option for your need.

Linen Fabric gets better with every wash. There is nothing better than a fabric that refreshes with every wash. Initially, linen fabric is comparatively coarse and crisp, but with repeated washing and use, the fabric becomes lighter and soft, basically enhances with time.

For a fabric to be the best choice for summer it should also encase the property of heat- conductivity. Heat-conductivity is nothing but the ability of a fabric to release heat from the body. Letting a body release its heat in the environment will ultimately enhance cooling. A piece of linen fabric with its weave and its crazy heat-conducting property exhibits a unique self-cooling medium.

The thermal-conductivity property of these linen fabrics is also commendable. It is said that thermal-conductivity of linen is five times more than wool fabric. This makes good for winter as well.

Linen Fabrics apart from doing an excellent job of cooling, the look of this fabric is best suited for casual events, professional daily wear, and other relaxed environments.

A wide range of beautifully crafted linen fabrics online are available in variant color and textures. With improvisation and innovation in the fashion sector, new versions of linen fabrics are made. Linen fibers are blended with exotic silk fibers forming a designer range of linen fabric i.e., linen silk fabrics.

Linen silk fabrics exhibit a unique texture along with combined properties of both linen and silk fibers. With distinctive properties of linen along with the glamorous touch, silk makes this fabric the best choice for the summer collection.

Bed linens, curtains to designer upholsteries, linen silk fabric along with the properties of being durable and breathable it adds glamour and vibrance to your home décor.

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What is Designer Fabrics? How does it add value to your latest collection?

Designer Fabrics Online at Tirumala designer.in
Source: Tirumala designers

Designer Fabrics are ones that add life to your creations…. Well the word designer fabric itself is quite fascinating to add value to a fabric. A fashion world is all about new designs, creativity, and innovation.

Designs embedded on plain fabrics are meant not just to enhance the beauty of it but also add uniqueness to it, though the fabric’s property always comes first.

Basically, a piece of designer fabric is the one that exhibits uniqueness from other fabric, that can be in terms of its texture, appearance or designs. Talking about designs, it has its own importance in designer fabrics. Unique designs, it can be intricate designs on the fabric, block prints, light embroidery to heavy embroideries, all the forms when imprinted on a plain fabric make the fabric designer.

Fabrics have been the core part of designing. Whether a painter wants to portray his creativity on canvas or a designer wants to decorate his collection with unique designs and patterns.

The most common and loved types of designer fabrics are printed fabric and embroidered fabric.

Printed fabrics means, printing the fabric by hand i.e., block print or machine print i.e., digital print. Hand-printed fabrics are also known as handloom fabrics. The old yet golden heritage of India. Techniques like tie-dye and block printing are to engraft a variety of prints like bagh, kalamkari, bandhani, ajrat, ikat, gold and silver dust, leheriya, batik etc using natural colors. Kalamkari prints are famous for its storytelling designs.

Traditionally, natural cotton or linen fabrics were used for hand printing, but with development and demand, various other fabrics are also used to print handloom designs.

Digital or machine-driven patterns embedded on fabrics are not just beautiful, but the designs are also precise. From floral to geometric or abstract prints, they are embedded well on a variety of fabrics giving it a designer touch.

Next is embroidery fabrics..Embroidery is all about thread and needle work crafted on fabric. Embroidered fabrics have a unique delicate appearance.

Primarily, the embroidery was crafted on fabric by hand using thread and needle piercing the fabric in the middle passing through it forming a delicate pattern giving a unique appearance to the fabric. But, with development in the fabric sector embroideries are now crafted on fabric using machines.

Designs embedded are precise and the time taken is very less compared to the embroideries that are crafted by hand. From cotton, silk fabric to net fabric, embroideries are used to enhance the look.

Embroidered net fabrics have been quite famous among fashion designers around the world. Light fabric to heavy embroidered net fabrics are widely used to add a designer look to the collection. Sarees to bridal wears, net fabrics have been the first choice for the majority of people from celebrities to the common man.

In designing world, apart from cotton, silk and net fabrics, lightweight free-flowy fabrics like georgette and crepe fabrics are quite in demand. Both georgette and crepe fabric because of their distinctive texture and varied properties have found a valuable place in the designer collection.

Both georgette and crepe fabrics exhibit sheer texture made initially from natural fibers like silk but with modernization or cost-effectiveness, they are woven using synthetic fibers like nylon or polyester.

Georgette fabrics because of their unique wrap and wefts its quite delicate. But has been quite in demand because of its light-weight and breathable texture.

From delicate or heavy embroidery embedded to digital prints like foil to floral print georgette fabrics are available to glam-up a designer collection. Georgette fabric price ranges from very low to high in the market.

Crepe, means a thin layer with wrinkled surface. Exactly by its meaning crepe fabrics are light-weight thin fabric with wrinkles exhibiting an extremely comfortable shiny texture to the fabric. Printed crepe fabrics have been quite in trend lately and is loved by designers around the world. These fabrics because of their comfort and sophisticated look are commonly used to design daily wear to evening wear wardrobe collections.

All of these fabrics with beautiful designs embedded on it makes them designer fabrics.

Well, these designer fabrics are not just limited to add glamor to your wardrobe collection, they are also quite well versed with adding vibrance and creativity to your interior and home decor.

A beautiful piece of wall hanging, table wears or crafts made from sequin fabric or printed cotton fabric, or curtains made up of delicate net or linen fabric will add not just designer or sophisticated look to your decor but also life, vibrance to it.

It is said your home decor describes your personality, so why not exhibit your inner-self with the designer range of fabrics available. From decorative pieces to upholsteries of your home, let them describe you.

Finding designer fabrics has been quite a luxurious task previously, but with change and development, it has become quite an easy task. Online fabric stores like Tirumaladesigner.in, fabriclore, fabcurate, etc; have become quite a convenient and favorite hub to find a wide range of designer fabric online at all price range.

From gorgeous range of printed crepe fabric, delicate embroidered net fabrics, comfortable cotton fabric, vibrant linen fabric, designer georgette fabrics, etc are available online to fulfill all your requirements.

Let fabrics define your personality!!!

Importance of Medicine & it’s Compliance for Healthy Well-being

Take your medicine

Medicine!!!! Being the most important part of our current lifestyle, learn more about Medicine, importance & issues related to its Compliance.

Medicine is not only a science, it is an also an art. It does not consists of compounding pills and plasters, it deals with the very process of life, which must be understood before they may be guided.

by Paracelsus

Medically, a medicine is described as a drug that is used to diagnose your medical condition, used to treat and help you cure from it. It is also meant to prevent you from disease.

Today, we definitely have various types of treatment like Allopathic, Ayurvedic, Unani, Homeopathic to choose from. But, the cure of your disease or condition lies with the level of your compliance to medication your are taking.

patient compliance to medication is defined as degree to which a patient correctly follows their prescribed medication. Compliance to a medication is an important task and requires patient to be positively motivated, to adhere to the prescribed treatment in order to achieve perceived self-benefited and positive outcome.

While finding the reason and solution for non-compliance, it was found that:

  • Approx. 50% of patients do not or are unable to adhere to their medication,
  • Around 20-30% of new prescriptions are never filled at the pharmacy,
  • Medication prescribe for chronic diseases, majority of patients after six months either start taking less medication than prescribed or stop completely.
  • Only 51% of patients prescribed for high blood pressure adhere to the medication, rest either do not continue or even start the medication until the condition becomes verse.

Reason for non-compliance was found to be due to varied reasons like:

  • Poor Patient-provider Relationship: Many people do not get proper guidance and care from their healthcare provider, which becomes the major cause of non-compliance because either they do not understand the prescription or do not find it important to adhere to the medication.
  • Inadequate Access to Health Services: Not every patient gets access to proper healthcare service. For eg. people people living in remote area or villages do not get access to majority of the services because the hospital available there are not well-equipped. They have to either go to cities for services or majority of time they tend to leave it.
  • High Medication Cost: The medication definitely plays an important factor, as not every patient are capable of affording expensive medication. Diseases like cancer turns out to be really expensive for common people or people with low wages. 
  • Level of Symptom Severity: Patients do not understand the need of completing the medication. Once they feel they are fine or their condition is stable, they tend to stop medication on their own.
  • Availability of Effective Treatments: The availability of effective treatment has currently not achieved everywhere. Still patients trying to find effective treatment have to travel to other parts, which becomes a factor of not adhering to the prescription.
  • Immediacy of Beneficial Effects: Patients have their mind that they will heal immediately once they start medication, and if there is delay they feel the medication is not working and they switch to another medication (this mostly happens with Ayurvedic medication). 
  • Side Effects: With any medication or drug come some side effects. If patients are not informed about the possible side-effects they might face during the course, patients leave the medication without informing and only sometime they inform the practitioner.
  • Inadequate Knowledge of Treatment: Not having proper knowledge the medication, dosage and treatment leads to definite reason for patient’s non-compliance.

The main question that always remains with patients is what happens if we do not take medicine on time, do not adhere to prescribed medication? Why do I have to take all the medicine prescribed? And the answer is “Its the need! it’s needed to cure your illness and enhance your wellbeing“.

Adherence to your medication becomes very important when you are prescribed for chronic diseases, when you are put on anti-biotic therapy. Medicine does cure you from your condition, but definitely it needs time to reach right stop of action, to release and show its effect.

It is like a relay race, one dose of drug reaches the spot, releases and start its action, the other dose of the drug is then administered to maintain the level of action, followed by another dose until the desired goal is achieved. And the ultimate goal is healing you from your condition. And when the next dose is not administered or delayed it leads to decrease in the achieved effect or sometime may lead to a more serious outcome. For example; in case of antibiotic, failure to use antibiotics properly can worsen your symptoms or lead to antibiotic resistance.

Taking medication as directed by the practitioner is the best option and decision for you, for your health and wellbeing.

The best way of sticking to your medication achieve your health goals is talk to your Doctor or Medical practitioner or Pharmacist. Understand your medication regime, the importance of various drugs prescribed in your medication. You can know about their effect and side-effects, know about the foods that are best suited with your medication and the once those are contra-indicated. This is the best possible way by which you can manage your chronic diseases and overcome it.

Some of the other tips that will be beneficial in adhering to your medication are:

  •  Take your Medicine at the same time every day: It is not a big task, you can achieve easily. You can make a diet plan, write it down and stick it or save it on your mobile. You just have make the effort of sticking to that diet plan for the set time. While making your diet, you have keep in mind your medication, time of administration (Like before food or after food, in the morning or afternoon or evening, etc.).
  • Medicine Calendar: Yes, a medicine calendar to a track of medicine. Prepare a calendar according to your medication, you can also ask your healthcare practitioner to help you with the calendar. This calendar will help you not to skip your medicine or taking double dose of medicine, in case you tend to forget.
  • Pill Container: You can find it easily in pharmacy or even with your healthcare provider, or even you can easily make it at home (you just need a box and make 1section/day for a week. This you can refill it on every weekend once the medicine gets over. This will help you keep a count on your medicine intake and on time without skipping any dose.
  • Take extra medication while Travelling: Sometimes traveling gets hectic and also has lots of chances of skipping or forgetting to take medicine on time. There can be chances when the medication gets damaged during travelling. Extra precaution is to be taken during travelling.
  • Incase of you flying, keep your medication in your carry bag to avoid any kind of issue like luggage loss or avoid you skipping medicines at your prescribed time. Also, the temperature in the cargo hold can damage your medication.

    Remember, you are the best caretaker of yourself. You can put your present and future health at risk if you avoid following the medications as directed.

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